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Foundation Botox® Courses for Medical Professionals.

Botox Training Course

Why should you choose KT Botox® training courses?

KT Training is a recognised provider of cosmetic courses to medical professionals. We have over 12 years of experience in Botox® training for doctors, dentists and nurses. Furthermore all KT Training courses include extensive injection time with patients, not just with mannequins. Hands on injection time with patients is an essential part of any course. The structure of the KT Training hands on workshops ensure a good level of confidence on completion of any course.

  • Recognised certification worldwide
  • Verifiable CPD points
  • Pre & post course support
  • Online CPD approved support courses available before and after the practical training
  • Lifetime membership to The Medical Aesthetic Academy e learning
  • Clinic start up guide
  • Unrivalled hands on botox injection training with patients

The introduction or foundation BOTOX course is the first choice for many medical professionals starting out in aesthetic medicine. Botox is a very effective treatments for the lines and wrinkles caused by muscle activity (dynamic wrinkles). The foundation BOTOX course will teach candidates how to assess the face and inject the three most requested treatments in aesthetic medicine.

What botulinum toxin products are used?

We will review the range of botulinum toxins available in cosmetic medicine Azzalure®, BOCOUTURE® and BOTOX®. For the practical injection session the BOTOX® product will used.

Why do we use these products?

We prefer to use BOTOX® because we have been advised by our trainers that BOTOX® product has less diffusion minimizing the occurrence of ptosis. The botox injection technique that you will learn is applicable to other botulinum toxin products(dilutions and units are not interchangeable).  Consequently the choice is yours.

What will I learn on the KT Training foundation course?

You will learn the theory and participate in practical injection training with BOTOX for the following indications horizontal forehead lines, glabellar and peri-orbital lines.

Will I get the opportunity to inject patients with Botox during the course?

Yes, if you look on the training outline the candidates will spend the majority of the course injecting patients that are provided by us. We believe the only true way to learn is to have the extensive hands on practical experience for each course.

We provide the patients and our insurance covers you for your practical injection time with BOTOX. You are welcome to bring your own models or even have a treatment yourself. Please inform us in advance.

The foundation botox courses are held in London, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire unless otherwise stated. The clinics have spacious lecture facilities with air conditioned treatment rooms.

We have two options for your botox training courses

  1. One day foundation Botox course with classroom theory in the morning then the practical injection workshop during the afternoon.
  2. Half day practical injection workshop with online lectures and educational resources to be completed before attending the practical session. This option requires less time at the venue, therefor saving time and adding the option of attending the dermal filler training workshop on the same day.

The foundation botox training theory

The theory will teach:

  • Anatomy of the upper face
  • Overview of facial musculature
  • Aging of the skin
  • Overview of the multidisciplinary approach for the rejuvenation of the aging face
  • Review the range of botulinum toxin products
  • Adverse events and treatment responses
  • Pain management protocols
  • Injection techniques for botulinum toxins
  • The indications of the face, which can be treated effectively with Botox.
  • Botox Pre-Treatment Protocols
  • Medical History
  • Botox Post Treatment Protocols
  • Botox Patient Consent Forms
  • Review of Botox Consultation Protocols

The practical Botox injection workshop will include:

  • Observing a demonstration of the procedure on a patient
  • Hands on injection time with BOTOX

Candidates will be working in small groups for the practical workshops. Each group will evaluate and inject the patients provided by us. Our trainers will closely supervise while you inject the patients. All candidates will treat the following indications:

  1. Horizontal forehead lines
  2. Glabellar frown lines
  3. Periorbital crows feet lines

What are the extra resources KT Training provide to our BOTOX course attendees?

Candidates will receive free membership to our e learning platform the Medical Aesthetics Academy. The foundation botox training lecture is also available in your e learning account.

The online courses include all the botox treatment documents you require, such as medical history, treatment records and consent templates. Therefore giving our candidates the time to focus on starting their clinics.

Candidates will also receive access to The Introduction to Medical Aesthetics and Starting a Cosmetic Clinic e learning module. This is a step by step guide and has up to 6 hours of verifiable CPD points approved.

You will be presented with recognised certification which will enable you to source insurance and set up pharmacy accounts on completion of the course.

In conclusion the KT botox training course will provide our candidates with the knowledge, technical skills and guidance to start their career in aesthetic medicine.

Recognised and Established Botox Training Courses

Our foundation botox courses are recognised by all major insurance companies and have CPD points approved for doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists. Therefor our candidates will be ready to source insurance and start their journey in aesthetic medicine when completing this course.

Contact us and we will send the botox training information pack plus the complimentary starting a cosmetic practice guide.

*Botulinum toxins are prescription only medicines as a result they must be administered following prescribing guidelines. Consequently nurses and pharmacists require the V300 qualification to provide a private prescription. Alternatively they will need to work with a prescriber to practice after your botox training course.

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