Botulinum Toxin Treatment BOTOX Chronic Migraine Study

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Overview of the Botox Treatment for Migraine Botox® (onabotulinum toxin A) has many uses in the fields of cosmetic, dentistry and medicine. In general medicine there are many conditions which are licensed for treatments with BOTOX® and other brands of neurotoxin. In this article we will specifically review the treatment of chronic migraine. In July […]

Muscle Anatomy Matters Muscle Types part 2

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Part 2 of the article by Dr Sotirios on Muscles, Matters and  Types. See Part 1 of the Muscles Matters<< article. Skeletal Muscles Skeletal muscles are also referred to as “striated” because of the stripped appearance of their cells (fibres) under miscroscopy. Most skeletal muscles are attached directly or indirectly through tendons to bones. Skeletal muscles are also […]

Anatomy Course

Muscle Anatomy Matters Introduction Part 1

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Muscle Anatomy, Physiology and Function Muscle Matters Part 1 of 3 Introduction Exert from the article by Dr Sotirios Foutsizoglou. This article assists with understanding the function and structure of the human musculature. Subject: Human Muscle Anatomy, Function and Structure Procedure/Course: Foundation and Intermediate Botulinum Toxin/Botox Training This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of […]

The Profitability of Dermal Filler Treatments for Your Practice

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The Advantages and Profitability for Dermal Filler Treatments The market may seem crowded with non-surgical clinicians, which may see medical professionals shy away from the industry. However, the profitability of the non-surgical industry is very attractive, especially dermal filler treatments, and it should not be overlooked if you are interested in increasing your income.