Chemical Peel Training

Chemical Peel Training

Medical Grade Chemical Peel and Skin Care Courses. Learn two of the most popular peel systems the AHA and TCA peels during one course.

Chemical Peel Training Courses

What does the chemical peels training course involve?

The objective of the chemical peel training course is to teach clinicians the proper protocols for safe and effective facial rejuvenation using 2 of the most successful peel systems.

Candidates who enrol on the chemical peel training will be provided with 2.5 hours of video lectures to review before attending the half day practical workshop. We also provide complimentary online skin health and skin management modules (over 15 hours) which cover anatomy, physiology and other essential knowledge for skin care practitioners. Theses courses have CPD points approved.

Which chemical peel products are used for the course?

The Neostrata range of AHA peels (Mild) and Skin-Tech Easy TCA Peels(Medium) will be the focus of this course.

Why these peel products?

The Neostrata range of AHA peels are one of the most effective peel range since the bio-availability of the Glycolic acid is high. therefore allowing maximum penetration for each peel application. In short the peel solution is not buffered so the penetration each concentration of acid is more effective than other peels of this type.

The EASY TCA is exactly what is says. It is easy and safe to apply this peel with minor adverse response. The peel program involves applying four peels at regular intervals to achieve deep penetration without the adverse events associated with one deep peel. The program allows for maximum patient satisfaction and minimal or no downtime.

Chemical Peel and Skin Care Course Outline

What will you be learning?

You will be learning about the different range of skin peels on the market.
Patient selection and skin types.
The peel protocols for the AHA and TCA peel systems.
Peel application-Hands on practical.


Skin care products and protocols.
Marketing peels in your practice.

What will you receive on completion?

You will be presented with all the course material on your own e learning account, this includes chemical peel patient documents (treatment plan, medical history, pre and post care, examples), marketing information, presentations and skin care protocols.

Candidates will be presented with recognised certification which will enable you to source insurance.

  • Sunday 28/10
    • 09:15

      Chemical Peels & Skin Care Workshop-Half Day


This course can also be combined with the dermaroller micro skin needling course on the same day.

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