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We introduced our foundation BOTOX courses in 2005. Since then we have developed a range of introduction modules and workshops for new clinicians plus master classes for experienced aesthetic practitioners. We provide the full range of cosmetic courses. These include the popular foundation BOTOX® training and dermal filler courses; we also provide the introduction to chemical peels, micro needling and mesotherapy courses. The advanced dermal fillers and advanced botox is for candidates who wish to develop their skills further and provide a more extensive range of cosmetic treatments. The non-surgical master classes include the Liquid Face Lift and PDO Threads. These cosmetic courses will add a wider range of products and options to your treatment portfolio.

Cosmetic Training

We have many years of experience in the field of cosmetic training and aesthetic clinic development for medical professionals entering the field of aesthetic medicine.

All of the courses have verifiable Continuous Professional Development points approved. Candidates who attend the workshops will be treating patients under the supervision of our trainers. For each practical workshop we have a ratio of 1 trainer to 5 candidates.

Botox Training

Botox Courses

The foundation Botox training course teaches our candidates how to inject the wrinkles and lines in the upper face.
The indications covered during this course include the horizontal lines on the forehead, the glabella frown lines and the periorbital lines also known as crows’ feet. These three treatments are the most requested in aesthetic medicine. We use the BOTOX® brand of toxin for the practical injection sessions. We will also review the other brands of toxin available for cosmetic use. KT Training is a recognised provider of  training by all the major manufacturers of botulinum toxins.

Dermal Fillers Training

Dermal Filler Courses

Dermal fillers are the ideal treatments to contour the lower face. These treatments are the second most popular cosmetic treatment and should be a part of every clinics facial rejuvenation package. During the foundation dermal filler courses our candidates will learn how to inject the lips, lines and folds on the lower face with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Options for your cosmetic training courses

The complimentary educational resources include comprehensive video lectures, online resources for you to study before attending the hands on practical sessions.

Completing the lectures before the course will prepare you for the training day and enable us to dedicate more time to your questions and practical skills.

When enrolling on any foundation course you will be sent study material to review. You will also receive membership to the Medical Aesthetic Academy. These online modules also have CPD points approved. These are complimentary and can be completed before or after the course.

  • The attendees of the foundation BOTOX courses can earn up to 18 hours of continuous professional development credits on completion of all of the modules and webinars.
  • KT GROUP medical aesthetics business consultant Yasmin Khan and author of “Simple Steps to Building Successful Cosmetic Practices” provides the 2 hour clinic start up webinar. You will receive guidance from a leading medical aesthetic business consultant.
  • All the patient documents and clinical templates can be downloaded from your online account.
  • Recognised certificate awarded on completion.
  • Our trainers also provide a mentor and support service.

Complimentary Clinic Start Up and Cosmetic Practice Development

The online lecture for the guide to starting a cosmetic clinic will ensure our candidates do not make some of the common costly mistakes when starting out in aesthetic medicine. This online course includes modules for business planning, advertising and marketing plus templates to assist you with starting and develop your clinic. The Medical Aesthetic Academy modules also include procedure specific resources for all candidates. These resources include patient documents and example treatment brochure. The resources provided will save time and money to ensure you can focus on developing your practice.

Chemical Peel and Skin Care Course

Chemical peel course

The chemical peels and skin care course will compliment your dermal filler and botox courses. This treatment is the most effective modality to improve or repair the epidermis. Chemical peels will be a definite asset if your goal is to provide comprehensive range of treatment solutions. We use the Easy TCA and Neostrata AHA Glycolic peel systems. These two peels will enable practitioners to treat most skin types effectively.

Advanced Botox and Advanced Dermal Fillers Training

Advanced Botox Course

The advanced botulinum toxin and advanced dermal filler course gives our candidates an in-depth review of the wide range of indications which can be treated with toxins and dermal fillers. The advanced BOTOX training includes the hyperhidrosis treatment to reduce underarm sweating, toxins for chin, jawline and neck.
This course also covers facial sculpting with the Juvederm Ultra 4 and Teosyal. The advanced training course will improve your facial assessment skills and enable you to provide greater patient satisfaction and distance you from your competitor.

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You can now purchase your step by step guide to marketing a cosmetic clinic on Apple Books or Amazon.

The MBA of Medical Aesthetic Marketing is written by Yasmin Khan.

Yasmin also provides the complimentary clinic start up course and business development templates. When you attend one of the KT Foundation Botox training courses the the clinic start up course and templates are free.

Cosmetic Business Guide

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