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Training Guide for PDO Threads in Aesthetic Medicine for Aesthetic Practitioners

The aesthetic industry is still progressing with new and improved methods for the non surgical treatments. Lifting the face and body with PDO threads is one area that is currently gaining popularity.

In this article we will reviewing types of PDO threads and the training required to be a successful practitioner.

What are PDOs?

PDO is an acronym for polydioxanone. It is colourless, biodegradable polymer. They are made of a strong synthetic monofilament fiber, consisting of one or two twisted solid fiber threads, which dissolve in the tissue after a certain time depending on the UPS of the thread. The polydioxanone material is used in fields of plastic surgery, cardiology, traumatology and gynaecology. PDO sutures have been used for over 30 years in medicine.

This material meets all the requirements established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP)  for surgical sutures.

What type of type of PDO thread do we use in aesthetic medicine?

The threads we use are made from the same material as the sutures. In aesthetic medicine we use the mono, barb, screw and cog thread systems.

Which PDO brands are used in aesthetic medicine?

There are many brands of PDO thread on the market specifically for cosmetic use. These include RegenAlift, V Soft and Silhouette Soft to name but a few. Each brand may have differences, their product range and training protocols may vary.

Who should attend a PDO Training course?

At KT Training we recommend our PDO course attendees to be at an advanced level with dermal fillers and have practical experience with these procedures before attending the PDO training. The ideal candidate for this course should also be experienced with using a cannula.

If you have completed the KT Training advanced botulinum toxin and advanced dermal filler course you will have the skills to complete this course successfully. Please note if you have completed your courses with another provider and do not feel totally confident with the advanced procedures then you may not have the level of experience required to complete this course.  If you are not at this level we would recommend attending one of the advanced courses we provide to achieve the confidence required before attending this course.

Advances with Cosmetic Training and Treatments

With all medical and cosmetic procedures we will see new techniques and the products developed over time. Threads are no different. Over the last year this procedure has gained popularity due to these developments with the products and improvement with the techniques.

Updates and advances in PDO systems for KT Training members.

Advances in techniques, clinical protocols and products will occur. When you attend this course we will teach you the current best practice for these procedures. However when there is a development we will inform our members who have completed the course and offer a refresher course. Any candidates who have previously completed the PDO thread training course with us can choose to attend refresher courses to update their knowledge. Our refresher courses provide candidates with the full hands on training at a highly discounted price.

The KT Training price for a *PDO refresher course is £300 plus VAT.

Please note you must have completed the *PDO thread course with KT Training to qualify for discounted refresher course.

This PDO thread lift course is for nurses, doctors and dentists who are currently practicing aesthetic medicine.

Clinicians attending the PDO thread course must review the current guidance provided by the CQC.

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