Cosmetic Treatments for Training Course Models

Discount Cosmetic Treatments on KT Training Courses

Would like to receive discount cosmetic treatments as a patient on our courses?

KT Training provide cosmetic treatment sessions for our trainees. Our courses started in 2005. During this time our trainers and trainees have completed thousands of successful cosmetic treatments for our patients.

If you are interested in becoming a model for our courses visit <<<. The web site provides information about terms, products, procedures, prices and courses.

Complete the contact form when you have read the terms and conditions.

All appointments are scheduled on specific training dates and times.

Cosmetic Treatments and Courses in London, Manchester and Buckinghamshire.

The treatments available on the courses include botox, dermal filler, chemical peels, VOLUMA, PDO threads and skin needling. We are a training company, therefore we can only offer treatments for the indications covered on each specific course and date.

The price for BOTOX during the course is £120 for up to 3 areas of the face.

Dermal Fillers during the course will cost £90 for each syringe.

The full price lists for all treatments can be found on the models web site.

Cosmetic Treatments and Indications for Courses

For example the foundation botox training course will have appointments available for the main 3 areas for upper face only. This course is for new practitioners who are learning the basic techniques. Therefore the foundation botox course will only provide treatments for frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and periorbital lines also known as crows feet. We do not provide treatments with any other products or for the  different indications that are not included in the course outline.

The foundation dermal filler course will only include treatments for lips, nose to mouth lines and mouth to chin line treatments. If you would like more information each procedure visit the models website.

To learn more about the full range of courses we teach and the treatments available for models you can review the pages on this site or visit the cosmetic treatment models web site to find out more.
All cosmetic treatments are supervised by our trainers.

KT Training provide courses for medical professionals. We are NOT a clinic. Therefore we do not diagnose medical conditions or provide treatments for patients with on going health problems.

If you do have any health issues we recommend that you source a cosmetic clinic for your treatments.

If you work in the media or have a career were any downtime (bruising, swelling, inflammation, etc.) may affect you the KT cosmetic treatment model program may not be suitable for you.

Please review the full terms and conditions on the models web site to ensure your are suitable.

Our model web site contains all the information regarding the treatments and any complications. You must read all this information before booking your appointment.

Please note we are a training company therefore:

  • You must allow extra time on the appointment day, due to any delays while training.
  • You will be treated by a trainee who is supervised by our trainer.
  • It is the patients responsibility to review and understand the Model Contract for cosmetic treatments during the courses.

This images shows the indications/treatments provided during the foundation or introduction to botox training course.

Cosmetic Treatments for Botox Training
Cosmetic Treatments for the Foundation Botox Training Courses

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