COVID-19 Guidance for Candidates

Please review the current guidelines for candidates attending our courses during COVID-19.

At KT Training we have practical measures in place to maintain Safety & Hygiene Standards. We have carried out the necessary assessments for you to attend for training. You will have already been informed that our group size is no more than 6 students.

You must NOT attend a practical workshop if:
have any of the symptoms of the virus
You are classed as vulnerable
You have been in recent contact (within 14 days)with someone who has received positive test
If you are in quarantine/self isolating
If you are travelling from/or have been on holiday to an area deemed to have a high infection rate

Course Material
If you require a hand out for notes please print the course handout and bring this with you on the day. If you have completed the theory via webinar before attending the course you do not require the printed hand out.

We would ask you kindly that when you arrive at your workshop you follow these protocols:
Please wear gloves and wash your hands as required.
Hand hygiene is essential to reduce the transmission of infection.
You will be asked to wear the gloves while in the building. We provide your gloves.These must be changed before you are treating a patient. Visitors must also decontaminate their hands by washing with antimicrobial soap and water for at least 20 seconds, taking care to systematically clean thoroughly especially under the fingernails and palmar creases when requested.

Hand hygiene must be performed immediately before every episode of direct patient/model care and after any activity or contact that potentially results in hands becoming contaminated, including the removal of personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment decontamination and waste handling.
When managing the same patient between activities you can use an alcohol-based hand rub.
Before any clinical interaction practitioners should be ‘bare below the elbows’.  All hand and wrist jewelery should be removed, barring a single band plain ring. Fingernails should be clean, short and free of artificial nails or adhesive nail products.
Breaks in skin should be covered with a transparent occlusive dressing.

Clothing & PPE
We will provide you with the necessary PPE (gloves, face masks, sanitiser, cleaning wipes) and we ask that you follow instructions given to you on the day regarding the use of these If you wish to use a visor please bring your own on the day.

Safe Distancing
As you are aware, the treatments we are training you to deliver cannot be delivered whilst adhering to the distancing rule but we can still abide by this when we are not delivering a treatment.  It is important that you follow the safe distance rule when and where possible.

Please bring your own lunch. Coffee, tea and refreshments will be provided. Disposable cups will also be provided for beverages.

Disposable, single-use tissues should be used to cover the nose and mouth when sneezing, coughing or wiping and blowing the nose – used tissues should be disposed of promptly in the nearest waste bin which will be lined and foot operated.

Practical session and patient/model consent
In addition to treatment specific consent you must ensure that the patient has a complete and informed about the potential impact that Covid-19 might have upon the treatment.
It is important that the patient understands the rationale for the various measures that are being taken, both by you as the practitioner and them as the patient, to minimise risk. This relates to both peri and post-procedural care and will further enable the practitioner/patient to take a broader and more informed approach to future decision making in relation to their health and well being.
It is particularly important that candidates and members of the public understand that these measures cannot completely remove all risk in relation to Covid-19.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance.

When you attend a KT Training course you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.

COVID-19 Confirmation of Understanding