Dermaroller Training

Micro Skin Needling-Dermaroller Training

Foundation Course for Doctors, Dental Professionals, Nurses and Pharmacists.

Micro Skin Needling

The objective of the introduction to dermaroller training course is to teach practitioners the techniques for skin micro needling to treat and rejuvenate the skin on the face and hands. You will learn the micro needling techniques to treat stretch marks, reduce scars, reduce fine lines and improve the general condition of the skin.

Which dermarollers are used?

We provide generic dermaroller training the choice of roller is up to you.

For the the hands on practical we will use the Medik8 Skinroller.

Why do we use these dermarollers?

These are good quality and cost effective dermarollers.

What will I be learning at the KT Training  dermaroller course?

You will learn how micro needling and combining skin care products will achieve superior results for a range of indications.

Will I get the opportunity to treat patients?

Yes, if you look at the dermaroller training course outline the candidates will spend the majority of the course treating models that are provided by KT Training.

Dermaroller Course

The theory part of the course is conducted via online modules and by live web seminar. This option enables candidates to review the lecture and course information at any time before and after the practical training .

The online modules will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and the live web seminar 90 minutes. you will then need to attend one of the scheduled practical treatment sessions to complete your course.

The practical session is a half day workshop. We provide patients for the workshop. However  if you would like to treat the full face and provide continuity with the treatment you have the option to bring your own patient.

Dermaroller Training Sunday 28 August 2022 London-Ealing £300
Dermaroller Training Sunday 23 October 2022 High Wycombe £300

The dermaroller course can also be combined with the chemical peel training on the same day.