Botox Courses for Doctors

Botox Courses for Doctors

BOTOX® Courses for Doctors

A qualified medical doctor has many skills which are transferable to aesthetic medicine. These skills enable an easy transition to become cosmetic specialist. The KT foundation courses provides the knowledge, practical injection skills and support to enable a doctor to start an aesthetic practice.

There are many options for career development as a cosmetic doctor, therefore we see many physicians choosing this path as a part time or a full time venture depending on their individual plan.

The Benefits of a KT Training Botox Course

We have provided botox courses to doctors for  over 14 years. Therefore we understand what is required and have created a wide range of resources to assist you to start a cosmetic practice.

To assist new cosmetic doctors we have created the online clinic start up guide. This is a free resource for any candidate who attend a foundation botox training course  with our company. Yasmin Khan author of Simple Steps to Building Successful Cosmetic Practices provides this online guide to starting and developing a cosmetic clinic.

You can start a cosmetic practice around your current role. Develop your clinic gradually and have the option to increase the hours dedicated to aesthetic medicine as the clinic grows.

The procedures are very profitable. A well structured and organised 4 hour clinic can generate anywhere between  £3000 to £5000.

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