Introduction Autologous Fat Grafting for Aesthetic Medicine

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This article reviews the fat grafting systems we will be using for the fat transfer courses. If you would like to learn to augment the face and hands using the fat graft procedure contact us.


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Autologous Fat Grafting in aesthetic, plastic & reconstructive surgery.

A science based innovative technology.

Introduction to Autologous Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is an important tool in the armamentarium of plastic surgeons, with use in a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic settings. Its applications for tissue repair and reconstruction have broadened as our understanding of the process has improved leading to greater acceptance in the plastic surgery community. However, fat graft absorption and inconsistent survival remain problematic often resulting in additional operative procedures as well as complications such as fat necrosis and oil cysts. As a result, recent research efforts have focused at methods to improve retention of transplanted fat.

The Adip’Sculpt (Adipose cells Purification Devices) were designed to provide high fat retention rate in facial aesthetics and body aesthetics.

The Team

The protocols and device (patented) were developed by Regis Roche (Ph.D in cell biology and Degree in cell therapy) and Franck Festy ((Ph.D in cell biology and Degree in cell therapy).

Fat Transfer Develpers 1Fat Transfer Developer 2


Fat Grafting at present

Autologous fat injection

– Few post-operative problems

– Not dangerous

– Aesthetic or reconstructive purpose

Classical technical used since 1994

– Doctor S.R. Coleman (Dermatologist)

– Mainly used in face lift

Simple protocol:

– Infiltration and sampling

– Centrifugation: 3min 3000 rpm

– Injection


– Cell viability: 30% to 50% is the average measured in the world

– Unpredictable results

Stemcis (the developer of Adip’sculpt ) has carried out scientific studies on the following areas and have developed specific protocol on the following:

  • Duration and quality of infiltration
  • Harvesting cannula used
  • Negative pressure used during liposuction
  • Adipose tissue preparation: centrifugation and washes
  • Adipose tissue reinjection

For more information on the technique and protocols, please refer to the microfill and adip’spin brochure.

The Autologous Fat Transfer Products

microfill & Adip’spin

microfill logo


Product Indication?

Fat Graft Face
Facial Rejuvenation and Reconstruction


Fat Graft Hands
Hand Rejuvenation

microfill Kit

Microfill Kit

  • 1 infiltration cannula
  • 1 harvesting cannula, 8 holes 150mm length (micro sampling)
  • 1 cannula for the tissue transfer in the T tubes
  • 2 injection cannula (17G and 20 G)
  • 2 T tubes for the fat treatment (washing and centrifugation)
  • 4 10ml LL syringes and four 1ml LL syringes
  • 1 18G needle
  • 2 FLL connectors to transfer from 10ml syringes to 1ml syringes

adipspin logo

Fat Graft centrifuge

Preprogramed for Adip’Sculpt Protocols


Free Mode

  • Set speed from 100 RPM to 3000 RPM
  • Set Time from 1 min to 99 min


All in one & disposable surgical kits providing all the required elements to perform the lipo filling technique.

A variety of kits are available based on the amount of adipose tissue required as well as the indication.

Fat Graft Kit Face


The Adip’sculpt procedure:

• Delivers industry-leading fat retention rates

• Maximises preservation of adipose lobules

• Is safe for the patient as the procedure is performed in a closed circuit (reduces the risk of infection)


  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Breast asymmetry correction
  • Gluteal augmentation
  • Hands rejuvenation
  • Lipoatrophy correction
  • Scar revision
  • Genital rejuvenation
  • Penile augmentation

The fat grafting courses also known as fat transfer training is for surgeons and doctors who are already familiar with liposuction.

To view or download the product information PDF brochure for Adip’sculpt<<<

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