Lip Injection Course Master Class

Lip Augmentation Course-Master Class

This lip injection course is a foundation/intermediate Course for Doctors, Dental Professionals, Nurses and Pharmacists.

This is a 1 day course dedicated to perfecting lip treatments with HA dermal fillers. During this course candidates will be assessing and treating patients with dermal fillers under the supervision of our trainer.

KT Training Lip Master Class

What will the lip augmentation course involve?

The focus of this lip master class is to teach candidates the artistry for lip enhancements plus improve the assessment and the injection techniques for these treatments. The lip course also includes effective pain management and the removal of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with Hyaluronidase.

The attendance of a foundation/introduction to dermal fillers course is recommended before attending the lip master class. We also cover lip augmentation on our foundation dermal filler courses. Some of our competitors do not include the lip augmentation in their foundation dermal filler courses, therefore this course is also ideal for candidates who have attended such a course and wish to learn these techniques with us..

What products are used?

The Products used are Emla/Lignocaine(dental block), Juvederm Ultra™ 2 and 3, Smile, TEOSYAL™ plus HYALASE™ (Hyaluronidase).

What will i receive on completion of the lip master class?

Candidates will be presented with recognised certification and earn additional CPD points.

The Lip Master Class, Pain Management and Hyaluronidase

This course will cover.
• Precautions
• Dealing with Complications
• Facial Nerves and Lip Anatomy
• Pain Management for Lip Augmentation
• Lip Injection Techniques for Lift the corners of the mouth, Vermillion Border, Lip Volumising, Cupids Bow and Philtrum Ridge
• Hyalase for the Removal of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

We have a maximum 5 Candidates for each practical injection workshop. Contact the KT Training coordinator for information regarding the lip augmentation training courses.

This is a 1 day course. This includes a classroom lectures, demonstration and the afternoon workshop is dedicated to the  hands on lip augmentation with your patients provided by us.

The price for this course is £780 including VAT.

Courses 2022 Day Date Venue Price Excl VAT Price incl VAT
Lip Master Class Sunday 24 July 2022 London £650 £780