Review of Aesthetic Articles and Resources for Aesthetic Complications

Managing Aesthetic Complications

The aim of this resource is to assist aesthetic practitioners with links to information for a range of subjects related to aesthetic medicine. Please note some of these resources are links from third party web sites and this content may change.

Aesthetic Complications Guides, Resources and Reviews


This article provides links and references for the current resources available relating to the complications associated with aesthetic procedures.


Understanding how to deal with complications is a fundamental requirement for all medical professionals in aesthetic medicine.  If a complication or adverse event occurs the clinician must act immediately and follow the correct protocols to prevent or minimise further damage. With traditional medicine we already have robust protocols for most adverse events and these must also be followed in a cosmetic practice when applicable.  Medical guidelines already exist for most general issues associated with injectables and damage to skin structures. However in aesthetic medicine we will use different products. The treatments are mainly elective and temporary solutions.  Therefore specific knowledge about the mode of action of the product and local anatomy is essential.

Resources and Articles for Managing Aesthetic Complications

Over the past years there has been some excellent resources created to assist cosmetic practitioners to understand how to manage or even prevent the complications associated with non surgical cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers, toxins and skin peels.

Manufacture Resources

In medicine a product manufacture will have to complete clinical studies and provide documentation for the use of each product before it is available on the market.

Tips 1 always review the products SPC or IFU. This is the product information sheet provided by the manufacturer. This information can be found in each package and on various web sites.  Just to assist this link is for the BOTOX brands of botulinum toxin type A-Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC). The has an electronic copy of the SPC for all the Prescription Only Medicines (POM) available in the UK. Medical devices have an Information For Use (IFU) leaflet in each package. Always ensure any medical device has the CE approval mark.

Reading the suppliers clinical studies will also assist. We have a review of the BOTOX for migraine clinical study on our blog.

Aesthetic Articles and Publications for Cosmetic Complications

There are a range of articles and publications for this subject. Most of these cover the complications associated with the soft tissue fillers. These products include HA dermal fillers and semi permanent fillers. The latter tends to have more associated complications.

The Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) group provides clinical guidance and processes for a wide range of adverse events associated with injections. This includes necrosis, skin infection and the use Hyaluronidase to remove HA dermal fillers. Tip 2: I would recommend reviewing these excellent resources.

Peer review articles are also available. One of the most up to date on this subject is the Treatment of Soft Tissue Filler Complications: Expert Consensus.  We will be posting links to new articles in later posts.

Training Courses and Further Education

During any cosmetic training course you will learn about the complications associated with a specific type of product. For example, during the botox training course you will learn to correct events such as ptosis and other complications related to the specific product and indications.

You can also attend seminars and courses to update and improve your skills in this area. The online Management of Complications in Aesthetic Medicine is a recorded lecture. We provide this lecture to all our candidates who attend the foundation courses with KT Training.

I will be updating this post with new information and links to resources to assist our readers. Feel free to share this article with any friends or colleagues who may benefit from these resources.

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