PDO Thread Lift Training

PDO Thread Lift Training-Face and Neck

Master class for clinicians who have completed the foundation dermal filler and botox training courses. It is also recommended that you complete an advanced botox and dermal filler course before attending the PDO Thread Lift Training.

The PDO thread course is in 2 stages. Stage one will teach you how to lift the lower and mid face, stage two will teach the neck and upper face. Each stage is a one day course.

PDO Thread Lift Training

Most mature face due to skin laxity need multiple treatments. The face may require dermal filler for specific indications such as lips, cheeks and deep folds. However there are other facial problems that cannot be treated with dermal fillers since the cost is too high . This is a more cost effective treatment if the patient requires multiple solutions to achieve ultimate results.

What is the PDO thread lift treatment ?

The PDO thread can be inserted into the subdermal tissue for temporary support of the face and body. It is a less invasive treatment than surgical methods used to lift the face. The pdo thread is placed into the subdermal tissue to create a lifting effect that will reduce lines and enhance the shape.

What type of threads are used on the course?

The Mono dissolvable threads, cog and barbed threads are covered during this course. We will be using the RegenAlift PDO product for the practical workshop.

Do candidates need to bring a patient?

No, we provide all your patients for the practical workshop.

How long do the results last?

The PDO mono sutures are slowly resorbed over time with complete absorption after 200 days. Results are seen immediately after plus improvement over the following 3 to 4 months, depending upon the health of the skin. Providing a touch-up after 9 months can increase the longevity of the correction. The PDO cog and barb treatment can last 2-3 years.

Who is eligible for this course?

This course is only available for nurses, doctors, dentists and surgeons who are experienced cosmetic practitioners.

Who is the trainer?

Doctor Sotiris Foutsizglou is the cosmetic surgeon who teaches this master class.

Do candidates receive practical training?

Attendees of this course will be providing this treatment for patients provided by us on the training day.

How many candidates do we train on each course?

A maximum of 6 candidates for each practical sessions.

What will you learn on PDO thread courses?

PDO Thread Stage 1

We will teach you how lift the jawline, cheek, nasolabial and oral commissure with PDO threads.

PDO Thread Stage 2

We will teach you how to lift the neck and upper face with PDO threads.

Over the 2 courses we will teach how to lift the forehead, chin, neck, cheek, reduction or smoothing of double chin, crows feet, glabella lines, tear trough, brow and neck lift.

What is the difference between PDO and the advance botox and fillers?

The advance botox and advanced dermal filler training teaches you how to use botox and fillers to achieve full facial correction. In the advanced course, you are learning specific skills such as how to create cheekbones, how to use fillers and botox to correct the specific facial indications not covered in the foundation botox course. You also learn how to treat platysma bands and hyperhidrosis. In short, we are teaching you how to improve specific features of the face using botox and fillers.

Completing the KT Training PDO thread course stage 1 & 2 will teach you how to lift the entire face and neck.

  • Saturday 27/10
    • 09:15

      PDO Thread Lift Training Stage 1

  • Saturday 24/11
    • 09:15

      PDO Thread Lift Training Stage 2

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