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Dermal Filler Training  Links & Resources

This post provides educational information and links for practitioners who have completed or who are considering a dermal filler training course. Please note some of the links to these resources are from third parties. We have no control over their content and the links may be subject to change or removal.

I will be posting links to more resources on this page. Please feel free to share this page with colleagues or on social networks related to aesthetics or dermal fillers.

Article: Dermal Fillers Do’s & Dont’s

This article reviews the pre-procedural care, patient assessment, product selection, procedure care and combining other products with dermal filler.

Article: Ageing Lip & Anatomy

This article is written by Mr Sotirios (KT Trainer). It reviews the anatomy of the lip and how the ageing process effects the lip area.

Online Lecture: Dermal Filler Complications

You may also be interested in links and resources for the Prevention & Management of Complications. This 2 hour webinar reviews the potential complications associated with dermal filler, toxins, PDO, skin peels and skin needling. For more information about this essential resource for any aesthetic practitioners contact us.


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